All My Bad Thoughts


Installation art doesn’t often come naturally to me. It’s often art that I glance at and struggle to connect with on a deeper, meaningful level. However, Czech artist Kristof Kintera’s work online made me do a double take. Titled ‘All My Bad Thoughts’, this sculpture spoke to me on the level I need to be at one with art. The shape is a reclining figure, lying in a foetal position on its side with its legs bent and slightly raised towards its body. This is a false position of comfort as the silhouette is shrouded by a cover and encased with thick, dark liquid. Is it blood? Tar? Oil? Or is the liquid metaphorical in nature? Displayed in an open room with stark white walls the sculpture lies simultaneously horrifying yet absorbing. I see depression, dark thoughts and a feeling of being overwhelmed by one’s despair, with nothing left to do but lie down and let the world engulf you. And yet there is also beauty here. The material glistens and shows jolted specks of light amid the darkness. The figure is still human, perhaps symbolising its destiny to re-awaken. The piece intervenes in the reality that surrounds it, inviting the viewer both into the figure’s despair as well as our own.

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